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Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan | Digest & Review 

Crazy Rich Asians is a funny fiction novel written by Kevin Kwan that highlights and ridicules the lifestyle of upper-class Asian families and society. The book is about three wealthy, upper-class Chinese families, and how they undermine those who are not as rich and influential as them. It shows the scheming, gossip, and backbiting that occurs when Nicholas Young, the heir to one of the richest families in Asia, brings his girlfriend, Rachel Chu, home to one of the greatest weddings of the season. Rachel is an American-born Chinese girl who doesn’t come from a very rich family. Her presence causes jitters among the guests. Kevin Kwan himself comes from a wealthy and established family in Singapore, which is why he knows so much about these things. 

Many readers have described Crazy Rich Asians as a “delightful read,” and have given it a four-star rating on Amazon. 


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