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2 Manuscripts in 1 Book, Including: How to Talk to People and How to Influence People

Book 1)

How to Talk to People: The Right Way - The Only 7 Steps You Need to Master Conversation Skills, Effective Communication and Conversation Tactics Today

Do you find yourself stuck in conversations without an obvious escape more often than you'd like?

Do you know that you're much more interesting than you appear to other people because you don't exactly know how to share your personality?

Don't worry, the "How to Talk to People: The Right Way" is the guide that you need!

It will give you clear guidelines on how to approach people, how to start the conversation and, most importantly, how to lead it. With a bunch of examples, tips and tricks and theoretical background, this book is bound to give you all the necessary skills you need in order for your conversations to be fluid and flawless!

Here's What You'll Learn:

How to prepare and have the right mindset to have a conversation with the desired person
How to learn to listen to the other person, take their hints and signals and know how to lead the conversation into topics that will be interesting and engaging for both sides
How to ask the right questions, when to ask them, and how to design them to achieve what you want
How to talk about yourself and share your personality with the person you're talking to in the best way possible
How to master body language
How to build a trusting relationship with the other person and increase your chances of having other engaging conversations with him/her
Some neat practices on how to improve your conversational skill without too much investment

Book 2)

How to Influence People: The Right Way - The Only 7 Steps You Need to Master Persuasion, Manipulation and Impacting People Today

Do you admire all those cool and mysterious characters from movies and comic books that can easily manipulate anyone into doing what they want them to do?

Would you like to be like them, but can't seem to succeed no matter how hard you try?

You definitely shouldn't despair, because this new amazing guide "How to Influence People: The Right Way" will provide you with all the necessary tips, tricks and information that you need to start being a true Loki in any social interaction!

Apart from the more trivial and everyday applications, being able to influence others effectively is crucial in many professions. If you have a dream job that you never applied to because it requires some of the skills mentioned in the title of this book, you should revise your decision, because the techniques and mechanics that this book provides will be more than enough to pass any interview for a job that is reliant on this skillset.

Here's What You'll Learn:

How to use your body language to assert dominance and make the first steps towards being able to influence a person
How to make the people you speak to like you, which will make manipulation that much easier
Some tips and tricks on how and where to guide the conversation to increase your influence over the other person
How to make emotional connections and exploit them to your advantage
Some final tips and tricks along with a very well-structured conclusion that will encompass everything else that you've learned along the way

You have made an excellent decision by choosing to learn more about crucial conversations. So, don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and purchase your copy today.

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20 septembre
Dean Mack

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