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Harper was doing hard time in a state prison when her whole life changed.

The new president, set on reforming the entire country's prison system, signs an executive order that will forever change Harper's life.

Overnight, Harper was shipped to Evergreen Falls to live in the home of Mike and Natalie Dalton as their ward. According to the president's new law, Harper would fulfill the remainder of her prison sentence in the Dalton's home and under their law and order. At first, Harper thought she had been blessed with a generous stroke of luck. Living in the cold prison cell had been less than ideal. Unfortunately, Harper soon learned that the Dalton's had rules and expectations she was none too happy with.

As soon as she stepped through the front door, Harper was informed that in the town of Evergreen Falls, all prisoners would be treated like dependent children to maintain the safety and security of the town. Harper finds herself sleeping in a crib, wearing a diaper, and treated like a little child. To top it off, the only way she will get food is through breastfeeding.

Humiliated, ashamed, defeated, Harper has to learn to embrace this new lifestyle or risk being subjected to the Dalton's painful punishments. Can Harper survive the rest of her sentence under the Dalton's care?

When Mr. Dalton's brother visits the house, Harper has a hard time distinguishing between what she wants and the reality of her situation in the home. Can Harper learn to love the man even if it means she will never be free to actually have the man as her own?

***PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING: This book contains depictions of activities that may be offensive to some. All characters are over the age of eighteen, but Harper will be regressed by spankings, breastfeeding, diapering, sleeping in a crib, among other things. If this material offends you, please find another book to read. This book is more in line with DDLG or ABDL There is a Daddydom and Little Girl theme throughout the entire book. Although a sweet romance, there are dark themes that may not appeal to some readers.

SF et fantasy
12 décembre
Scarlet Rose Publish

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