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DAFFODIL - The long awaited sequel to The Truly Fictitious Tales of Truant D. Memphis, or My Life as an S.U.V. is here! (Okay, okay, that book hasn't been published on this version of Earth, but it is super popular in alternate dimensions).

Let's try again. This book is DAFFODIL. I wrote this adventure in an effort to save the universe. Is my ego truly that monolithic? Maybe, but it wasn’t my idea to write a book to save the universe. This was an assignment from a Bob I know that may be God. Bob made me do this. The only choice I had in the matter was what to write about. I chose to tell you about the woman I love and how we saved the universe together the first time around. Of course, this means telling you about all the times we saved the universe in between the day we met and the end of this book, until this book ends, at which point we will have saved the universe again, if everything goes according to plan, which it rarely does.

Anyway, if you enjoy a little chaos, a little time inside the squishy maze we call the human brain, a little taste of emotionally compromised writing, a little desperate love from a desperate man, you might want to read this exercise in confusion. I can’t promise you’ll enjoy my musings or rants or punchlines, but I can promise you this: Life is a run-on sentence.

Your friend,

SF et fantasy
7 décembre
Truant D. Memphis

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