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He’s a very smart guy and so does not hesitate to admit openly of straying. Is the prophet of our organization. David Owe warns us that the future history will be the fine ‘place’ a terrible clash of civilizations. Escape-from-says the boxes we set. With a story about the inhabitants of a rocky island who believed that numinous Oberon is flat and by the first doubt they began a voyage to learn the truth. Only in that last image of the sea that seems to not touch land understand what has preceded. Which was exactly the mission of David’s attempt to protect the villagers from the obsession of a unique legacy of a glass factory, who had the sole purpose of life to discover the building blocks of red glass that the deceased predecessor took care to get together in the grave. Only then you start gluing the broken pieces of the narrative to realize the true meaning. In other words, the narrative functions as an open prophecy. David as a speaker has the evocative capacity, while the public is in a state of hypnosis. The heir believes that the only salvation for the village is to find the component to continue the production of glass and David faces the future an industrial revolution that regardless of the consequences of it is still progress. “We have a heart of glass”-he says-”is what unites us.” Only for David glass means hard purity, while the heir fragile stability. For the organization, these two concepts are not far. If you believe in prophets, we would say that this is the just punishment for those who have the requirement to comment on the prophets.

SF et fantasy
27 juin