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6 inexperienced young women + 6 sexy alpha men + a very public setting = 6 steamy short stories!

Dark Desires 1: Lovers & Ropes

Anastasia Allyson has been on her own with nobody to care for her and nobody to love her for as long as she remembers. If she doesn't let anybody get close, she can't get hurt.

Then, Trevor Savage shows up and ruins everything. He's broken her heart before. She wasn't going to let him hurt her again.

She might not have a choice.

Dark Desires 2: Foursome

Bethanie has helps men realize their fantasies of being heroes in their own stories... for a price. She plays the damsel in distress, trapped in a dungeon, eagerly awaiting their rescue.

When three handsome, black men appear with a scenario none of the girls wanted to play out, she is chosen. She plays the damsel, but the men weren't there to rescue her...

Dark Desires 3: Dancing Domination

Exhausted by the stress in her life, Crystal signs up for the dance studio that's the talk of town. Dance Naked is a unique dance studio where inhibitions - and clothes - are left at the door.

When she meets her sexy, dominating dance partner, she realizes she's in for more excitement than she had hoped for. Will she allow him to lead her to the heights of sensual bliss, or will she fall out of step?

Dark Desires 4: Ganged In Public

Voluptuous and vivacious Dahlia is the life at every party. But when the groom in the wedding declares that he would much rather marry her instead of his beautiful bride and her soon to be ex-best friend, she realizes she needs to reevaluate every relationship she's had in her life, including her relationship with the groom... and his best men, especially since she had just spent the night with all of them...

Dark Desires 5: Police Search

Eileen Fox has hated Warren Wolf since they were put on opposite sides of a debate competition. They were each other's first times, an encountered in the middle of a school hall that was fueled but as much by hate as it was by lust.

But now Eileen is in trouble. She ran into a police car while driving way over the speed limit and she's been drinking. The policeman in the car? Warren Wolf.

He'll pretend the accident never happened on one condition. If she surrenders to him in every way possible.

Dark Desires 6 Ganged By Bikers

A straight-laced professor and a biker's girl prove opposites don't just attract, they light each other on fire.

Michael is in for the ride of his life when he discovers the wallflower he remembers tutoring has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

These short stories contain HEA, light BDSM elements and bad boy and inexperienced girl experiences in public settings. 

Romans et littérature
20 août
Daisy Rose

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