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Joe Stanton was a first year law student struggling to go to college and address his own personal issues when he was called home for a family emergency.  Their home had been robbed. His father and his fathers best friend were both in the hospital, and that was when his oldest brother let him know their familys secret.  Not a normal secret, like Dad had an affair with the neighbors wife, no, one youve-got-to-be-kidding-me kind of secret.

For the past forty three years, their father and his friends have guarded and protected a life sized clock work harlequin doll that is animated with the soul of its builder!  Joe had always thought it was just one of the odd antiques setting around in the house. Now his brother is telling him that the spirit inside was asleep, and the thieves have stolen the Harlequin and his possessions.  The frantic search for the Harlequin begins only to be interrupted by a call from the Harlequin itself.  The Harlequin has awakened in an antique shop in and Joe is sent to help it get back home.

From the minute they meet, the Harlequin leads Joe on a non stop, romantic, sexy, life or death adventure to recover its magical key. While Joe tries to keep things under control, the Harlequins insatiable curiosity, lusty approach to life, and the fact that it doesnt sleep land it in trouble with a dark and powerful entity bent on blood and destruction.

The Harlequin rushes to find its key and avenge the wrongs done to those it loves,  while preparing to pit itself against an ancient evil to protect Joe and its new found friends.  But the Harlequin wont allow anyone to harm those it loves.  Thats when it becomes, the Dark Harlequin.

Romans et littérature
31 août

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