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We are all on a journey that starts on the day of our births, leading inexorably toward the darkest destination of all: The Grave. Some folks have plenty of time, dying peacefully in their sleeps or due to medical maladies. However, a select few face the reaper through more macabre situations. Their journeys and brushes with death are the sources of tales that leave readers chilled to the marrow. In the five stories contained in this collection, thrillmaster C. C. Blake takes readers through regions rife with mystic danger and supernatural terror and takes his characters on fast track encounters with Death from unusual circumstances.

When another body gets rolled out of a New York City apartment building, it could be the sign of hot blood and hotter emotions finally boiling over and ending in murder. The Big Apple sees a crime like that every hour of every day. Chuck Cave knows better. A maniac with a vendetta against the paranormal dwellers of the world is leaving behind a string of broken beauties. His dark deeds threaten to blow open the doors on the supernatural world, casting all the occupants there good and evil into danger. He must stop this maniac before all hell breaks loose in the Big Apple.

So begins the first story in this chilling collection of short yarns, a cornucopia of homicidal specters, psychic assaults, and twisted psyches. This collection also includes:

A victim of a psychic assault that leaves her teeming with terrors she never possessed before races to find the man responsible and make him pay before the fears become permanent additions to her psychological landscape . . .

An acquirer of mystic trinkets for the Vatican finds herself attending her own midnight burial. She may not be dead, yet, but that won't stop her enemies from putting her in the ground . . .

A hunter of ghosts and treasures learns the truth behind legends of gold hidden away in a house haunted by a past of vicious slaughter . . .

A trio of college friends find themselves the pawns of a monstrous sexual predator with extrasensory powers and a desire to push them past the breaking point . . .

In C. C. Blake's hands, the worlds of paranormal wonder and terror lurking alongside our own shatters the barricades holding it back, spilling tales of gruesome slaughter and terror into the sorts of familiar streets and parks found outside your window. Join him for these five journeys through the heart of darkness.

Romans et littérature
14 octobre
Twice Told Tales II

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