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Azzadul, the god-king, the Lord of Light revered by many. When the darkness corrupted him, he became the Dark Lord, feared the world over. His magic, once a gateway to immortality for his people, delved instead into horrors as he sought ever deeper levels of mastery. Children were stolen from their beds, coveted for his blood-rites. When he vanished, it all ended, and the people of the world tried to forget, to move on…

For Jak Fuller, stories of the Dark Lord always compelled him, even if they also filled him with terror. An orphan who grew up in a cruel world, his disappointments have led him in ever-small steps toward a dark destiny.

When he was fourteen winters, he first tasted blood, felt the thrill of it rushing through him, an unnatural heat that burned in his limbs. When he was twenty winters, he fled for his life, a marked man coveted by the one who ruled the Underworld in Azzadul's place. When he was alone and afraid, the Necromancer came to him and taught him of his power. Together, they journeyed into the Underworld, awakening its true master. Side by side, they defeated Talamus the Red. And in doing so, unleashed something terrible...

Jak's soul is bound, so deep. There is no way out but forward, and the horrors of each day will only grow worse. Trapped here, beneath the ice, Jak is becoming something else.

Jak—or what he was—fights to hold onto himself, as fiercely as he fights the call of blood; that call, so unquenchable.

And it knows no bounds...

Dark Lord & Soul is the fifth and final part in the 5-part serial publication of A Thousand Roads.

SF et fantasy
19 décembre
Dreamsphere Books

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