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Josephine Macloud: Private eye extraordinaire with a hidden talent. Josephine has suffered the loss of her husband in what police are ruling an accidental death. Unfortunately, when Josephine identifies her husband, her instincts kick in. For some hidden reason, she finds herself compelled to find and uncover the truth. As she begins to pursue her instincts, she is introduced to Donovan O’Hara and Corin O’Leary. What Josephine does not know is that both men already know her from a past event. Each of them harbors a secret and both of them know the truth behind her husband’s death. Each man will work in his own way to try and prevent her from becoming the next victim. Their duty is clear to each of them, saving Josephine and saving her family and friends. Although they work together, the agenda is different for each of them. Will Josephine survive the darkness that has come to embrace her? Can she move forward in her life and accept the unacceptable?Donovan O’Hara: Cop. He knows about vampires and all things paranormal. He also knows what and who is hunting Josephine. When he agrees to go undercover to help Josephine as a favor, he knows what he is getting into. His objective is to save Josephine, is he too late?Corin O’Leary: Strong. Mysterious. Sensual. Sapphire, flame blue eyes. Vampire. As her pain becomes part of him, as she becomes part of him, he knows that he is being drawn into her world. While his hunt, brings him closer to her. Fate brings him right to Josephine, when he arrives in time to save her. Does he have the strength to walk away from her, sensing her grief and knowing her loss? Can he really go back to his bleak, lonely, existence when his hunt is complete? Alternatively, does he want Josephine in his world? Can he live with himself if he allows the darkness to embrace her? Corin’s dark secret is getting harder to keep. Can he trust Josephine not to destroy his life or his heart?

3 septembre
Sarri Morin

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