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Dartmoor is the last area of wilderness in England. The standing stones have stood for over 4000 years. Among those ancient stones live the Dini. Now just two feet tall, their bodies no longer able to bear children, the Dini are dying out. Only ten survive on the moor. They believe that they are descendents of the Celtic tribe, the Votadini, who were great warriors and horsemen. Led by their kinsman warlord, whose battle name was Artos (now remembered as King Arthur), they defeated the Saxon invaders. The witch Demetia, responsible for the treacherous downfall of Artos, sought to punish his loyal kinsmen and cursed the Votadini. Generation by generation they have shrunk in size. After 1,000 years, the Dini were forced by the cruelty of the Biguns to live in hiding in the wild places. But staying hidden is growing difficult as modern-day Biguns pour into the wild places to enjoy their stark beauty. Is it time to stop hiding and fight back? A series of strange events arouses the suspicions of Dartmoor Ranger Bob Johnson. Is he going mad or can there really be tiny people living on the moor? If he is going mad then he's not the only one - there's a crazy old man who thinks he's the reincarnation of Merlin. Is it Ranger Bob's rôle to save them? Is there an even bigger task for him? Inspired by the Spirit of Artos, Bob becomes Robert Edgar Johnson, Guardian of the Earth, Companion of Kings. Maybe, just maybe, he can help to save us all.

SF et fantasy
14 mai
Barry Burton

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