Daughter of Sceva

Set Me Free

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With a life enveloped by the occult from childhood, Taylor dove into forces of the unknown in an attempt to master them. Walking the line of witchcraft and madness, she struggled to find answers. From toddler to adulthood, a continual series of bizarre and horrifying paranormal experiences shaped her life, which she accounts through the pages of each chapter, sharing what was revealed to her with each experience.

This nonfiction book illustrates the connection we all have with an unseen spiritual realm and reveals truths behind the new-age movement and the paranormal. Chilling but never short of fascinating, what Taylor shares will rivet you to the end, making you question your own reality.

Daughter of Sceva is more than a good read; its a shocking, transparent biography full of real-life encounters entangled with spiritual enlightenment. It will bring forth ideas its readers may not have ever fathomed.

This is not a book of new-age opinions or metaphysical answers. Its a combination of encouragement and education, with engaging facts and thoughts on how the paranormal (and all aspects of the supernatural) entangle with each and every one of our lives.

Within the pages of this extraordinary novel lie words of wisdom and miracles, frightening facts, and spiritual enlightenment. What you dont know can hurt you!

For any person seeking penetrating truth or some sort of life meaning, struggling with emotional or health issues, longing for faith or just plain answers, this is the perfect read for any soul searcher and truth seeker. Get ready to read and be shaken up.

Santé et bien-être
5 août
Balboa Press