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Seven dark gods have imprisoned the Demon Lord and condemned him to eternal damnation, sealed within a warded tomb and lost in the infinite, ever-changing God Realm. A time hex keeps him on the brink of death, while the two cursed swords that impale him ensure he will die if it is undone. Bane suffers endless torments designed to break his spirit and despair erodes his will to survive. Mirra raises their daughter in Myrthran, but a dark cult has set its sights on the young demigoddess, who is vulnerable to its machinations without her father’s guidance and protection.

The Grey God, Kayos, and legions of angels search for Bane, while the dark city of Naskara closes in on Airedene, intent on destroying it. Years have passed with no sign of the mortal tar’merin, and soon Kayos will be forced to abandon his search and join the other Grey Gods to defend the celestial city, even though he fears that it is doomed this time.

In a distant world, a light god receives mysterious messages from the Last Land that speak of an imprisoned warrior of the light and contain clues as to how to find and free him. Lord Veradian prepares a sorceress, endowing her with the powers that may be necessary to take on the seemingly impossible task. He is even forced to make a deal with the darkness, since light and dark must work together to achieve this aim, but the chances of freeing the prisoner alive are slim. A mysterious scourge afflicts Veradian’s world, and war ravages the land. He hopes the warrior of the light can help, but, even if Ashryn succeeds in her mission, the god who comes out of the tomb is liable to be quite different from the one who was condemned.

SF et fantasy
30 novembre
T C Southwell

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