Deutsch Interaktiv Einführung

An Interactive Approach to Introductory German

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*********Digital Lingua Press has so much to celebrate! Deutsch Interaktiv is officially one year old this month, school is back in session, and Apple's upcoming OSX Mavericks will bring interactive books to desktops and laptops.

To mark these occasions and to celebrate with all our Deutsch Interaktiv fans across the globe, we're having a sale.

For the month of September, you can download Deutsch Interaktiv products at a substantial discount. That includes Einführung, Thema 1, and Bausteine.

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Deutsch Interaktiv, an interactive curriculum that introduces learners to Germany's language and culture through a student-centered, communication-oriented approach. 

Deutsch Interaktiv is an interactive curriculum for independent learners or groups (14 years old and up) with no previous knowledge of German.  Deutsch Interaktiv is the first German-English project of its kind to offer an interactive environment that introduces the German language through a student-centered and communication-oriented approach. 

Each chapter (or "Thema") offers:

interactive images and picture galleries that allow for the visual and tactile exploration of the language 
review exercises with immediate feedback to reinforce what you have learned and help track your progress
audio tracks and exercises featuring native speakers to develop your listening and communication skills
fun games to build your vocabulary
a wide range of speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities designed for independent or group work
a concise glossary with built-in study flashcards
lessons centered on the specific communication goals of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
grammar explanations written in clear English by professional educators 

Deutsch Interaktiv was developed primarily with the independent learner in mind and is, therefore, not a pure DaF (German as a Second Language) curriculum.  However, each new chapter features more German and less English. 

What customers have said about previous editions of Deutsch Interaktiv:



"I love this book!

[...] The explanations used are clear and very well written. The structure is very well organized. It's better than previous textbooks I have bought. 

Looking forward to following chapters to complete this course."



"Wow, this is a good resource. I recommend it to anyone just starting out in German or who needs to review from the beginning. 

Throughout the book, the student moves through intelligently organized, attractive, uncluttered screens that are truly interactive. 

The use of media is effective and helpful. 

On the spot quizzing reinforces learning as it happens." 



"I took German in college many years ago and have been looking for ways to refresh my German skills. Deutsch Interaktiv provided a great start! The lessons are clear and concise, and the interactive features are a great way to reinforce the information being taught. The book's listening exercises are excellent and render separate language CDs unnecessary.  Deutsch Interaktiv is an excellent resource for beginning students and those returning to the language years later. "


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