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Dimensions: Origins

Includes 3 Books 

Leilu - Book 1 in the Dimensions Origins Series

Leilu Karis spends her days going to school, working at the local bakery, and sleeping next to her father's grave. Then, one night, a strange man appears near the graveyard. His sweet, innocent blue eyes hook Leilu immediately, and their attraction is instant.

But, when an unexpected suitor comes knocking at Leilu's door, she must make a choice. Listen to her overbearing family and marry their pick for her, or follow the man with the bluest eyes to a place from which she may never return.

Phineas: Book 2 in the Dimensions Origins series.

What will Phineas Zorg do for love?

After meeting Leilu Karis, Phineas’s life has irrevocably changed. She is sweet, smart, and her smile makes his heart ache. With her by his side, he believes he can do anything. Even become a scientist against his father’s wishes. When Thomas Zorg finds out about his son's new aspirations, and his new love interest, he issues an ultimatum: Get rid of the Leilu or else.

With Phineas’s love of Leilu growing with each passing day, and the rift between him and his father widening by the minute, Phineas must make a choice. Follow in his father’s footsteps and become the next CEO of Mega-Corp or keep Leilu by his side, and continue in his quest to find a new fuel source that can power the entire universe.

Taklin: Book 3 In the Dimensions Origin Series

Taklin has spent a lifetime proving to himself and to his family that he is different from the brutish men that roam the small town of Dry Creek. He has even convinced a beautiful girl named Sarah to marry him. Then, everything changed.

A machine has landed in Dry Creek that threatens to reduce everything to waste. Taklin and his younger brother, Troy, must find out who operates the machine and stop them. If Dry Creek falls, the universe may follow.

SF et fantasy
1 août
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