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The study of this quarter is primarily from the Old Testament book of Zephaniah and the New Testament book of Romans. The three units follow the theme of God’s New Creation as it pertains to our new life in Christ.

UNIT 1 • JUDGMENT AND SALVATION: The three lessons in this unit focus on the judgment of Judah and the subsequent hope the people receive as they repent of their sins to live in obedience to God.

UNIT 2 • A WORLD GONE WRONG: The six lessons in this unit focus on the brokenness of the world as it has been affected by sin and what God has done to repair that damage.

UNIT 3 • LIFE ON GOD’S TERMS: The four lessons in this unit focus on the benefits and demands of living a life for God as a new creation in Christ.

Direction® Student offers 13 lesson studies and includes a Bible Study Guide complete with in-depth information to give students (ages 35 and up) more insight into the text. Also included is cultural background information from the Precepts For Living® annual commentary.

• Lessons are outlined and include background information so readers get an in-depth explanation of the Scriptures.

• Analysis is written in easy-to-understand language.

• Thought-provoking questions challenge students and stimulate discussions.


Quarter At-A-Glance: Outlines what will be studied throughout the quarter 

Black History Profile: Gives insight into the life of an influential person of the African Diaspora 

In Focus: Tells a story dealing with the lesson’s theme so that students can easily apply the lesson to modern life

In Depth: Provides a look into the meaning of the text with insight into the theology and interpretation of the text

Make It Happen: Suggests ways to make a specific, personal commitment and take action on what was learned through the lesson 

Daily Bible Readings: Lists Scriptures to read throughout the week that support quarterly topics and principles 

Keywords: Small group, UMI, Sunday School, ULS, African American church, Black Christian, Uniform Lesson Series

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10 juin
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