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It’s been 50 years since humans left the underground cities; the result of an ecological disaster. Earth’s fossil fuels are banned and people took to space for their energy needs. Humanity is a fraction of what it once was but they have been given a second chance.
Harry Stillwater is a former government psy-op agent who is now a truck driver in space. While Harry is waiting for his cargo hold to fill with ore from the dark side of Mercury, a cocoon is scooped, loaded, and covered for his trip to Mars. There the cocoon releases its occupant, Eve, who has returned to her home world after a 40,000 year absence to find it obliterated.
Eve is perfect in every curve from her face to her legs. It’s been a while for Harry and his prick starts making decisions for him his butt can’t cash.
After a full night in the throes of passion, a relaxed Harry probes Eve’s mind. He finds out Eve is hell bent on dominating Earth by getting to the tools she left behind in pyramids all over the planet. They have an infinite source of power and a guardian she created who does not make deals with the natives.
In her mind, Harry sees an an object heading towards Earth. Again, extinction is threatened by an asteroid the size of Texas coming to obliterate all life on the planet but it is the least of his problems at the moment.
Eve discovers Harry’s intrusion and tries to kill him in a rage but he kills her and takes her DNA. He thinks it’s the end of the problems of Eve but he soon finds he needs her alive to control the guardian’s defense system that only responds to Eve’s voice commands.
If you love truckers, space, sex, cool technology, and aliens, then take a ride with me.
Thank you for reading, Bill

SF et fantasy
27 septembre
William J Ritchotte II