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Things that make us disgusted:  like crunchy peanut butter, red flags at a soccer game, 10 yard penalties.  Things that make us disgusted can ruin a good moment, coral bad demeanor/behavior, or revive pungent 

“ flashbacks ”.  The commentary of something disgusting can: revive hindsight, coral better behavior in the future, or rewind ugly to hot.  Or vice-versa, heck; it is simple to see that reverse psychology is a pain, but in essence rewarding.  Tying two words such as honesty and disgusting does not make too, too much sense.  It is the periodic swing of the two together; wound tightly that give meaning.  Nobody likes to fail, although it is a necessary evil.  Evil can be temporary and be ultimately great when realized…if done so in the right context; honesty will prevail, thus nixing evil and making pure.  Purity is about as laughable as the end of your comedic read.  Purity is about as laughable as your worst mistake.  Mistakes are the purest of comedic laughter.  Within the confines of hindsight, purity and disposition will win.  Wining is not winning.  Winning is not whining.  The two together can be a preluding factor such as evil as too good.  You know what disgusts me…this!  This alone is a horrible syntactical juxtaposition of the confided sort.  You know what disgusts me…opinions.  Sharing what you believe in makes you, you.  Sharing what others believe in makes you a “ goat ”.  Do not eat the grease-ridden grass of your foe (potential)…share in the illustriuous grass that you have not partaken in.  That is a metaphor or symbolic way to say; opinions are like choices, only spelled phonetically different.

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24 novembre
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