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Did you know that you have the innate ability to connect with your spiritual team? Call them angels, spirit guides, loved ones, masters or light beings, whatever the name, the connection is real!

Did you know that you possess something so divine, unique and special within you that it can never be destroyed, discarded or discontinued? Desire is just one of the magical, mystical ingredients that fuel our existence and ignite our passion!

Did you know that the same energy that it takes to propel a thought is the same energy that created the Universe! Invisible Matter is what expands our consciousness, our Universe, our everything!

Years ago, after simply changing my attitude and incorporating a more accepting, forgiving point of view of myself, I essentially became clairvoyant over night! I instantly saw colorful auras and energy.

I communicated with intelligent, loving, unconditional voices and took dictation as if hearing a song. I saw and felt angelic presences that guided me and showed me visual mental postcards, ideas and possibilities.

Most of all I became extremely aware of enlightened, blissful states, along with indescribable feelings of euphoria and consistent positive encouragement.

I felt the “obviousness” of a connected universal force, the eternal life of a soul, the “knowingness” of a kind, united spiritual realm. Maybe not all at the same time, but enough to know that I “wasn’t in Kansas anymore!”

How did I do this? By getting rid of my blocks. By transmuting my pain. By delegating my fears, wants, doubts, desires. By becoming aware of my thoughts. By forgiving myself for forgetting my greatness, sweetness, gentleness, anger, frustration, body, looks, history, past—and accepting myself exactly the way I was.

And as I did this for myself, I then targeted the same intention of being free to every *&!%@* person I’d ever known who ever hurt , bothered, disappointed, or even knew me, and I passionately claimed my worth by forgiving them in return for what I really deserved in my life--peace from my own ego-driven mind!

And my world opened up.

By doing something so simple, so effortless, so ridiculously easy, I literally put my foot through the looking glass and have never really been the same.

After many years of spiritual practice, I’ve done thousands of readings, blessings, channeled messages, healings, prayers. I've studied hundreds of metaphysical, inspirational, religious and success-minded books. I’ve also listened to my own guides in order to put together what I think is an absolute must-have workbook that can help you effectively “cut-to-the-chase” and provide peace, harmony and tranquility in your daily life.

All of these lessons, visualizations and affirmations were carefully selected. I chose the ones I felt were the most effective for creating inspiration and an altered, more heightened experience. I especially included many of the exact exercises that worked for me.

Other parts of this workbook I literally “channeled” by answering a voice that said “write this down!” (I will say much of my writing comes from an organic, urge to capture dictated enlightened material!)

If you are ready to unload your past, realize your potential, manifest the best possible outcome, let go of ineffective habitual thoughts, raise your intuitive frequency, create more peace, harmony and joy, then you've made a wise choice with this workbook.

I have always said “It’s a pleasure to introduce you to you!”
With this workbook I trust that you will be delightfully surprised when you “Discover Your Dynamic, Brilliant Self!”

All the Best,
Cindy Goldenberg

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20 avril
Cindy Goldenberg

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