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The award-winning novella that launched a universe, Diving into the Wreck introduces Boss and her crew for the first time.

Boss dives derelict space vessels, for money, yes, but more for their historical value. So, when Boss uncovers the find of a lifetime, she enlists the best divers she can convince to help her pursue it—off the grid and under the Empire’s radar. But the more they discover, the less they realize they know—and the more it will cost them all.

The Diving into the Wreck novella also appears in a slightly different form in its entirety in the novel Diving into the Wreck.

“Rusch takes the dangers inherent in deep sea diving and memorably puts them into the deep dark vacuum of space, making the exploration of the hulk a much more complicated issue than tends to be the case in the SF.”
—Best SF Reviews

“Tense and gripping, the interpersonal conflicts kick this story up a notch. The endlessly enjoyable terror of dark, alien, empty spaces brimming with unknowable danger and impenetrable mystery should keep fans of the genre hooked.”
—The Internet Review of Science Fiction

“…a powerful drama of human characters.”

“Kristine Kathryn Rusch tells us about the captain of a salvage ship who makes a remarkable discovery and enlists a group of people to salvage it. Rusch creates some interesting characters here and also gives us a great story.”

International bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch has won two Hugo awards, a World Fantasy Award, and six Asimov’s Readers Choice Awards. For more information about her work, please go to kristinekathrynrusch.com. For more information about the Diving universe, to which this story belongs, go to divingintothewreck.com.

SF et fantasy
18 février
WMG Publishing

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