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Your world will become what you think of it. The last self-help book you will ever need! 

Learn to make small daily choices that will transform your life. Find your personal inspiration. Rediscover your motivation. Propel yourself into the “true” person you are, the person you CAN be and the person you want. The answer to a better life is more than just material objects but the internal peace and the ability to turn dreams into a reality. 

For most, these aspirations go unanswered due to limiting beliefs, past experiences or restrictive environments. With this unique approach using tangible daily steps to reach achievable goals, Benjamin Bonetti can help you succeed by taking small steps to a better you. Within this short and highly influential self help book you will learn: How to set goals and stick with them. Take daily action that creates a ripple effect. Stay motivated, focused and balanced. Feel happier about your past. Define, pursue and celebrate personal success. Learn to equip yourself with the tools to become your own personal life coach, without relying on outside motivation. You have the power to do anything you desire. The possibilities are within you. It's time to nurture that spark and let it catch fire. What are you waiting for? 

"Having worked with a vast number of successful entrepreneurial individuals, I have found that one common trait they share is the ability to build a fantastic relationship between the conscious and the subconscious mind...being able to direct and trust its judgment when required...working together, communicating in a positive state, knowing the boundaries of the other’s capacity, and not wasting time over the “why” question.... 

What would happen now, if you started to change your thinking only to the positive...? Would you be more or less successful...? Do you know someone who is negative...if you changed your thinking right now, how long would it be before that person adopted a similar way of thinking, or even better, adopted a positive thinking strategy similar to yours?" 

Learn how to empower your life, move on from the past and become the better version of you right now.

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4 novembre
Benjamin Bonetti

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