Dominate Me 4-6

Books 4 - 6 of 'Dominate Me'

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What do you do when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain?

This 3-book bundle contains stories of 3 different women and how they find love that dominates.

In this anthology, you can find three standalone stories in Dominate Me including:

Dominate Me Book 4: Moaning Maid

Mindy is one of the many maids in the Dungeon Towers, an escape for the rich and powerful. She just wants to earn enough money and graduate, then find a proper job. But when she is caught spying on a group of black men with a submissive woman, she falls into the clutches of a powerful man who loses no time punishing her.

Dominate Me Book 5: Lustful Lovers

Shy and reserved Rosie has a different side to her that nobody knows about and she wants to keep it that way. Her blind date has a different idea altogether.

Taylor knows her secrets and isn't afraid to push her limits and devastate her control over her mind and body. In the dark, he flicks open her buttons one by one, persuading her to surrender everything with his kisses. Then, he pushes her out into the light with nowhere to hide her shame.

Will there be a happy ending to her love affair or will her life be ruined by the humiliation?

Dominate Me Book 6: Tantalizing Taboo

"I want to tie you to the bed and map your body with my lips..."

Gracie Lang has been in love with her science teacher for as long as she's known him. The sexy older man has eyes as dark as the abyss and washboard abs that she dreams of touching.

Eugene West has one rule. He doesn't date students. Not even ex-students. Things get complicated when he finds out the infamous Alex Dante has his eyes set on her. Alex Dante is a sex crazed owner of an underground club that deals primarily with sinful pleasures.

If he doesn't move fast, she's going to be drawn into a world of that will corrupt her forever, but he has another reason for wanting to keep Alex away from Gracie.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Excerpt from “Tantalizing Taboo”:

I bit my tongue. Every part of me knew to say no. He was dangerous for even the most experienced woman. He was charming and good-looking, two dangerous qualities that let him get his way easily in life. He was not someone a virgin like me should be getting acquainted with... but I wanted to say yes so badly.

"Alex Dante," a familiar voice called out from behind me. I turned around and my eyes widened. Standing directly behind me was a man I've had a crush on for as long as I remembered.

"Eugene West," Alex greeted with a deep baritone that suggested the two were far from friends.

"Mr. West!" I gasped, blushing bright from just being close to him. "Wha- What're you doing here?" I took a step away from Alex, immediately worried that he would get the wrong idea about us.

Eugene West was my science teacher back in high school. He was also drop-dead gorgeous. Half the girls in my class had a thing for him. The other half was just too shy to admit it. Like Alex, Eugene was roguishly handsome, though his tattoos were mostly hidden underneath his shirt.

He stared at me for a moment. My heart fell. He didn't even know who I was. "Gracie," I tried to sound unperturbed, "Gracie Lang. I was in your Science class two years ago."

"Gracie!" he repeated in that same tone of voice people used to pretend they remembered old acquaintances they didn't. He had no idea who I was. "How've you been?" he asked.

I tried not to look disappointed. As I opened my mouth to answer, he clasped my elbow and heralded me out of the store, away from Alex.

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