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Peter Thompson, a graphic designer from London had imagined his life to continue the same dull procedures as always with an endless cycle of uninspiring job projects, mortgage payment, and evenings filled with fast food and Youtube clips.
He is wrong.
Ever since he tried to seduce the innocent-looking curvy, red headed librarian at the local library one late Thursday evening, things have escalated far beyond his control, in ways he never could have foreseen.
Not only is Eleanor teaching him how to submit to her and experiment with various erotic games, but her life has a darker side too. Being born into one of the wealthiest and influence-rich families in England, Eleanor Wyndham is the target of blackmail and kidnapping attempts, something that Peter unfortunately has first-hand experience of.
And now London isn’t safe for Eleanor anymore…

Warning: This story is aimed for adult reading only and contains erotica and BDSM content, including a dominant redheaded female librarian, submission and very mild breath play.

This is an erotic fantasy short story about male submission.
Total word count: 5400 words (~11 printed A4 pages in normal format)

‘Surrender to Submit’ is the fifth title in the "Dominated by the Librarian"- series, but each story can be read and enjoyed separately.

By Tara Jones:
Dominated by the Librarian: The Completed Series (Part #1-6)
Dominated by the Librarian #1: ‘Surrender to your Desire’
Dominated by the Librarian #2: ‘Surrender to Please Her’
Dominated by the Librarian #3: ‘Surrender to Obey’
Dominated by the Librarian #4: ‘Surrender to your Mistress’
Dominated by the Librarian #5: ‘Surrender to Submit’
Dominated by the Librarian #6: ‘Surrender Forever’

Romans et littérature
29 juillet
Tara Jones

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