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Doctors, nurses, and nurses-in-training swarm the Dahlia Sampson School, performing medical examinations in keeping with the school’s standard gender inequality practices. The unsuspecting freshmen of nearby Central College soon experience first-hand why the DSS students call their college the Double Standard School. The coeds receive hospital gowns and private examinations; their male classmates receive neither.

The action really heats up when the Central College students finish their school medical exams. While the women are free to roam around, the young men must continue their double-standard ordeal by undergoing pre-draft military physicals. Before the day is over, the female faculty escorts and college coeds will get to know the male students of Central College very well indeed.

Story 21: Prelude to a Check-Up
DSS nursing students prepare Central College men for their medical exams.

Story 22: Double-Standard Medical Exam
The men are examined by two nurses, six nursing students, and three coed classmates.

Story 23: Pre-Draft Physicals
You're in the army now, boys.

Story 24: Station 4
What is happening at Station 4?

Story 25: Physical Fiasco
A bad ending to a bad day

Story 26: Repeat Performance
DSS contaminated Central College's lab samples.

Story 27: DSS is on FIRE!
Assistant Principal Anderson goes on a witch hunt.

Story 28: Anatomy Lesson
DSS Sex Education class is more comprehensive than high school.

Story 29: Pool Boy
Assistant Principal Anderson hires a pool service technician.

Story 30: Cubby Gets a Chubby
Brett's first public appearance as Cubby the Cougar.

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10 février
KC Crozetti

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