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It’s been twelve seasons since Elias Hawkes and Annie Tolen were married. Makala Hawkes has retired and Elias has assumed the title of StarHawke Tycho. While daughters Emma and Olivia have brought a new level of happiness and fulfillment into their lives, although it will be short-lived, as they secretly prepare for the birth of their son, who, as the legends declare, will bring about the Return of the Great Dragon.
The Second DragonHawk War has moved underground. The StarHawke Tycho and his Hawkkur Legion continue to seek out the Dragon Hunters wherever they can find them. While the Trade remains unwilling to believe the old legends of the Star Empire are being fulfilled, DragonHawks from all over the Star Trader Galaxy are making their way to the Tycho Trade Station, seeking the protection of the Tycho Drakkon as they prepare for the Return of the Great Dragon.
The StarHawke Tycho knows the path forward will not be easy. He has prepared his Hawkkur Legion as best as he can. His fleet has the most modern starships and his troops are the best trained and best equipped fighting force in the galaxy, a mighty army of fanatical warriors filled with a renewed purpose as they await the birth of StarHawke Tycho’s son, reverently referring to him as the Great Dragon.
As the tension within the Star Trader Galaxy reaches a dangerous level, the StarHawke Tycho steps forward in an attempt to broker peace with the Major Families, the Planet Corps, and the Frontier Council. But the peace is shattered by an event that threatens to truly rip the Star Traders apart once and for all. Will it be enough to alter the course of history? Or is the Return of the Great Dragon inevitable?

SF et fantasy
28 octobre
Dave Transou

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