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Fully revised & updated August 2018
Covers DxO and Google versions of Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 quickly gained an enthusiastic following amongst photographers’ keen to produce dramatic black and white photography. Today, it still enjoys a strong following and for good reason. It helps you to quickly produce photographs that could take many hours using other photo editors. Despite this, a lot of photographers still don’t realise the full potential of their work.
The secret to success with Nik Silver Efex Pro is like most things in life. It’s knowing what to do to achieve a desired outcome. This is where this book can help you.
•It thoroughly explains every control in the Silver Efex software. Not by using vague descriptions, but by examining the effect of the controls on sample images.
•You will find recommendations about which sliders to use to achieve specific results.
•There are tips spread throughout the book explaining how to accomplish dramatic conversions as well as improve your photo editing.
•It explains the order in which you should apply adjustments to your image to improve conversions (it’s not the order in the interface suggests).
•There are ideas about how to pre-process your photos before converting them black and white.
•It contains four full length examples detailing image conversions with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.
To support the worked examples in this book, you can download the starting images from the authors website and follow his editing on your own computer.
Truly master Nik Silver Efex Pro with the help of this book.

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11 septembre
Robin Whalley

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