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This is the first half of the tale of an urchin from the slums of London who had an impossible dream: to command (to 'drive') one of Her Majesty's Ships.
It take us through forty years across the world to the Mediterranean, to the Far East, to the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean, the USA and Canada, and into the Arctic, through World War Two and the Korean War, a meeting with Marshall Tito, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and glimpses of the oceans of the world, from flat calm to mountainous seas. It tells of involvement in a mutiny on board a British warship, promotion from the Lower Deck to the Wardroom, experiences in a troopship, warships from minesweepers to an aircraft carrier, and experiences in 33 submarines from ancient relics of WWII to Polaris Missile boats. It does not hide incurring the official displeasure of the Commander-in-Chief. We see events from the First Cod War, the Fastnet Race and the Round The Island Race as well as a chess match against a former Champion of France.
For the romantics there is falling in love, marriage, starting a family and building a happy home life, before going on to on to the magical moment when ambition is fulfilled.
Part Two follows on from this to tell of causing the British Ambassador to be called into the Kremlin. It can only get better from thereon: and so it does.

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2 avril
Charles Wylie

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