Dude's Gotta Snowboard

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For ages 8-12 years. The adventures of Magali: a French marmot who sneaks out at night to do mountain sports with her friends!

Little did Magali know that when she went to sleep that night, she wouldn't see her family again for a very long time ...

How does a sleeping marmot get thrown out of her burrow? And meet snowboarding animals? And, where do all these animals come from? Boar, deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes, chamois, eagles, and hare shred the pistes aat night! This marmot has never seen anything quite like it. She's never even spoken to other animals before.

Magali tries to find her way home, but can't. So, with the help of her new friend Mishka, she surrenders to her unexpected winter situation. She goes to Maurice The Mouton and offers him seven walnuts for a snowboard. Then, together with her friend, she learns to take the chairlift. Then, she learns to do blue runs, then red runs. Soon she gets addicted to the Snowpark. Now she doesn't even want to go home.

What's more, her new Snowpark friends, Henri Le Hare, F-F-Foxy, Little Foxy, Puppy Bébé, and Chamois Luc enter her into the Ride Or Die Slalom Competition. It's the biggest and most fun winter event with animals coming from all over France to participate. Magali needs to ride. Or die.

Dude, seriously... when is she going to go home?

'Fun, easy to read and my 12 year old enjoyed it a lot.'

A middle grade book series about learning independance, gaining confidence, trusting instincts, and making new friends!

The books have British spelling.
For ages 8-12 yrs.

Follow Magali, her best friend Mishka, and the rest of the dudes: Henri Le Hare, F-F-Foxy, Little Foxy, Puppy Bébé, and Chamois Luc on their crazy sporty challenges!

Each book can be read as an individual book or as part of the Dude Series (recommended).

The series is available in:
+ English version (French Marmot Dude Series by Muddy Frank)
+ French version (the series is called Magali Marmotte Série by Muddy Frank)
+ Bilingual version (English / français) with English on one side of the page, French on the other (series: Magali Marmotte Série by Muddy Frank).

Question for the Author
How did you come up with the character of Magali?
'You know, I really love the French Alps, and looking at all the animals that live in the mountains. I'm Australian, so I had never seen a marmot before moving to France. I worked one summer, for a kids' summer camp, and part of my job was to take the children out on walks. We would go looking for marmots, all of us being very quiet, secretly sneaking up to the holes in the ground, where the entrances to the marmot burrows were. Of course, we would make too much noise and the marmots would disappear into their underground tunnels, but sometimes we were lucky and able to take photos. I think their underground homes took over my imagination, and before you knew it, I had a whole chapter book in my head, with Magali as the principal character!'

29 avril
Muddy Frank

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