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There are three main drivers of human progress: fear of death, new toys, and telling tales.

The fear of death makes us look for extended spaces of human activity and bridges over spans of inexistence. Virtual space created by the electronically supported web supply such infinity to our kind. The fast-growing twenty-first century is still a time of technology, and humankind look like kids playing at the gates where routes through time start. And still we are keen on telling our individual tales lest they might fail to get in their niche of extended existence.

In our passionate impatience to reach infinity of the race, humankind is turning into e-kind. It takes up the vast spaces of virtuality, making itself free from material and spiritual cargo, at the same time being dependent on both material and ideal modes of existence.

The author has been on the track of active philosophy for the late thirty years or, to put it in a metaphoric way, in the misty grounds of teaching young people of a dying country how to survive in a fast-changing environment. The name chosen for misty people in a misty space is e-kind. The book is the authors report about her experience with growing e-kind. The approach to knowing is called SIAN (systematic, integrated approach to the net), and the general field of this type of philosophizing thus is fixed as belonging to the philosophy of the infosphere.

Essais et sciences humaines
24 juin
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