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Stuck for ideas to get people motivated? Here is a list of 105 activity ideas for both high and low functioning people with links to templates to use for seniors at home or in senior living communities. Contains Therapeutic Target for each, website link to templates and videos, Purpose of each activity and detailed methods on how to carry it out. Not only are these activities fun for seniors, but will also appeal to You!. Your life-enrichment or activity program should offer more than entertainment, it should be designed to improve cognition, build self esteem, exercise motor skills, stimulate intellectual growth, provide social contact, stimulate creative expression, and be fun and failure free. A therapeutic approach allows us to understand a person not only as someone who suffers from illness, but also as someone who inhabits healthy parts and personality that remains even though it seems to be hidden by illness. Senior(s) are like everyone else – they attach personal meanings to their activities. So when we engage in meaningful activities, then activity becomes therapy.

This therapeutic, multi-faceted interdisciplinary approach to activities, social and leisure programming provides specialized stimulation to create structure and support in meeting the physical, psychosocial, cognitive and spiritual needs of each senior(s).

This book comes with live links to templates for crafts, paintable pictures, puzzles, games, reminiscence exercises, door hangers, exercise video, website resources, finish the phrase remote memory exercises and much more that you can download right to your mobile device or computer! The programs can best be displayed if you connect your computer to your TV (ask an electronics store for the correct cable) or for one-on-one, use a tablet device such as an iPad.

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