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Just read it. Every word in this document is true, and it is the most important document to ever reach the internet. This document is written to empower good people of the world against the tyranny which exists all around us in our world today. Effectively, the document presented here discloses concealed information about the extent to which medicine, science, and technology has advanced in our current era. Moreover, I am disclosing this information because I have been extensively abused, and I am victim of current advances in medicine, science, and technology, which I describe in detail below. There are many, many, other victims of abuse, including myself, and therefore it is our plea that you read this document with an open mind and you investigate ALL statements which may initially irk you and appear ‘suspect’ to begin with (the circumstantial evidence is available all around you); because as a victim of abuse, I can honestly say, there is nothing worse than experiencing abuse, and those who have the power to protect you from your abusers, ignore you.

I will now discuss what qualifies as whistle blowing disclosure. After detailing the criteria which qualifies for whistle blowing disclosure, I will detail aspects of the Serious Crime Act, and preface a foundation which defines, explains, and references key information for the reader to understand as well as explore the extent to which medicine, science, and technology has advanced today; all for the express purpose of compelling the reader that medicine, science, and technology, has advanced at an incredible rate; that current advances in medicine, science and technology are withheld from public knowledge; and finally these advancements in medicine, science, and technology, have been and are currently used to commit serious unspeakable crimes against humanity and our environment here on earth. Moreover, it is my aim to present this information as coherently as possible to assist the reader to save me, and save many, many others who experience abuse daily resulting from concealed advances in technology.

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7 janvier

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