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If you've always wanted to learn more about yourself and other people in your life, then pay attention.

Enneagram: An Essential Guide to Unlocking the 9 Personality Types to Increase Your Self-Awareness and Understand Other Personalities So You Can Build Better Relationships and Improve Communication gives you clear strategies to use the Enneagram for self-insight and a happier, fuller life. 

By exploring the types and the different systems within the Enneagram, you can unlock amazing possibilities for yourself. 

Within each of us, we have a true authentic self. The closer you can get to that self-realization, the more you will find yourself with success, love, and contentment. 

Some of the concepts you'll find in the book are: 

- The unique and far-reaching history of the Enneagram of Personality

- Exploration of personality types

- Case examples for comparison

- Ways to interpret your and others' types

- Communication styles of each of the types

- How to improve your communication

- How to use the Enneagram to build better relationships

- Self-awareness and personality

- Why we are the way we are

- Childhood development and personality

- How to reach the authentic self

- How to have acceptance and kindness for yourself and others

- Info on the triads, wings, and variants

- Spiritual grounding in the Enneagram

- Methods for solving problems

- Coping skills, good and bad

- Questions to ask yourself

- Tips for self-realization

- And much, much more

Get this book now and learn more about Enneagram!

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1 juillet
Kimberly Moon

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