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Are you interested in uncovering more about these powerful psychedelic drugs? Do you want to learn about people's experiences and the transformational impact it had on their minds, emotions, and lives? Want to make sure you don't have a bad trip if you decide to take one?

Inside this profound book, you'll uncover over ten detailed and insightful accounts of DMT, Mescaline, Acid & Magic Mushroom trips, and how these trips impacted the minds and lives of its users. With an exploration of the spiritual and psychedelic effects, as well as their hallucinations and what they learned about themselves and others, this book allows you to peer behind the curtain of these entheogens and see it for the powerful tool of self-discovery that it is.

These psychedelics have been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years to communicate with spirits, invoke visions, and allow people to interact with their higher selves and deeper consciousness. Now, you can learn about the incredible effects of this drug from people who have experienced it first-hand.

Also included is a Frequently Asked Question section including questions such as:
- Can you die from taking these drugs?
- What does a bad trip feel like?
- How long does a bad trip last?
- How do you kill a bad trip?
- What is an ego death?

With personal stories, a down-to-earth tone, and a wealth of valuable insights, this guide provides an in-depth look at the secrets of DMT, Mescaline, Acid & Magic Mushrooms.

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18 août
Alex Gibbons

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