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Exposed! Hillary Clinton’s Secret Emails digs deep into her private correspondence from the time she and her husband left the White House to when someone finally had enough balls to complain she was jeopardizing national security. PJ reassures her readers these emails are the real deal. She got them from the Chinese guy who delivers her take-out, and everyone knows the Chinese are great at three things: sweet and sour pork, math, and hacking computers. 

Does Hillary get slammed in this parody? Absolutely. But no liberal or conservative is safe. PJ Jones pokes fun of people from both ends of the political spectrum, bringing everyone together for a rip-snorting laugh (although she’ll settle for a few smiles and maybe some accidental flatulence). 


This book is not intended for… 

Stupid people. Not pointing any fingers (Jonathan Gruber). 

People with weak hearts, stomachs, or bladders. 

People with politically correct yardsticks wedged up their asses. 

This book is intended for… 

People who live in Colorado and like brownies. 

People with a crude and outrageous sense of humor. 

People who think apathetic and corrupt politicians are a joke. 

PRAISE FOR Exposed! Hillary Clinton’s Secret Emails by PJ Jones 

“Don’t download it. Buy it in print—kills more trees that way.” 

— The talking wart on the bottom of Rush Limbaugh’s ass. 

“I don’t care if you read it. Just elect Hillary. I need to call in a favor.” 

— One of the many felons Bill Clinton pardoned his last day in office. 

“47 percent of you aren’t going to like this book.” 

– Mitt Romney’s (strapped to the roof) dog. 

“I heard the author wrote the entire book by herself.” 

—Bill O’Reily’s neighbor’s cat. 

“Read it and I’ll buy you a drink. Better yet, read it and buy me a drink.” 

— An unnamed source who claims she heard it from a friend of a friend who heard it from Nancy Pelosi. 

“It goes good with whole wheat pasta, celery juice, and organic free-range chicken.” 

— Something we figured Michelle Obama would say. 

“Buy it or else I’ll shoot you and call it an accident. Just kidding. Maybe.” 

— Dick Cheney’s trigger finger. 

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what the hell PJ Jones was thinking 

when she wrote that pile of garbage.” 

– JFK’s ghost. 

“For every book you buy, I’ll deport a Mexican.” 

– The gremlin living underneath Donald Trump’s combover. 


Politique et actualité
9 mai
Shifting Sands Publishing

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