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We, the human race, are creatures of faith. We base the living of our lives on some set of beliefs that we take as the bottom-line foundations to answer to the questions of why we are here and how to live successfully while we are here and hereafter.

Okay, here is the basic question. Did God create the universe pretty much as we see it today in seven calendar days as the scripture tells us? If so, did it all happen less than 7,000 years ago as creationist theologians, scholars, historians, and scientists say it did? Or, as modern science has been telling us for years now, did it all start with a big bang billions and billions of years ago and slowly evolve to its present state complete with modern man? If that’s true, did God have anything to do with it? What is there to make us think He is even there? Evolutionist theory is, at its heart, atheistic. It “explains” why there is no reason to believe in God. Yet millions of people who would shudder at the idea that they are atheistic are nonetheless confused. Modern culture is so steeped in the assumption of a universe billions of years old that many cannot be completely convicted of its falsehood. They are stuck in the middle, trying to embrace both a belief in God and accommodation of an idea virtually antithetical to God’s existence and the truth of the scripture. Sadly, this conundrum infects a sizeable segment of the modern church not wanting to appear naïve in the face of the “evidence.” Time then for a hard look at the “evidence.”  

Did dinosaurs and dragons really become extinct sixty-five million years ago or did they walk the earth as man’s contemporaries until only several hundreds of years ago? Do some still exist today? History—both biblical and secular, plus many a modern witness—says the answer to the latter is yes. True science should be an honest, open-minded inquiry into the world as it is. That is what it claims to be. The scripture, of course, gives the answer to where we came from. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Does science refute that? Perhaps more to the point, does it not confirm it? Where do you choose to place your faith? In God and His holy scriptures or in man’s scientific wisdom? Keep in mind that both is not a viable answer.  

Come on a journey of imagination. How would we expect the universe to look any different than exactly the way it does if the biblical account of Creation and history is totally true as opposed to the modern scientific explanations of how it came to be what we see today?

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16 février
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