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Evangeline Grace loved her job as a vice detective, men, sex, and Happy Hour – though not necessarily in that order.
Then she was murdered.
Now she's an earthbound Avenging Angel and not that much has changed. Which is a good thing. The flaming sword, awesome powers, white wings and a Celestial Mandate to avenge the innocent, she can handle.
Abstinence, not so well.
Cowboy- turned-Reaper, Nathan 'Trick' McKitrick, had his own reasons for selling his soul. Reasons that seemed good at the time. Not so much after more than a century of servitude to a dark demon lord. Now he's been given the chance to get out of the contract. Freedom so close he can taste it.
Just one last, dirty job.
At a West Hollywood bar, mix one part heavenly righteousness with a tall shot of hellfire and there's going to be the devil to pay.
Maybe literally.
Trick is everything Evie was looking for in life -- and the afterlife. Too bad the Celestials have ordered her to destroy him to avenge innocents murdered in the theft of a powerful supernatural relic.
Despite her best efforts at smiting, things just keep getting in the way. Little things. Like Voodoo King mojo, a Guardian Angel in a robbery gone bad, airport motel mayhem, an assortment of LA wizards and Trick's naked body.
Oh yeah, his body definitely keeps getting in the way. Damn it.
Then there's the problem of the Fallen Angel who apparently has murderous plans for them both.
Her Avenging Angel's duty is to execute the handsome and very dangerous Reaper.
And orders are orders.
Most of the time.
Oh, all right, all right, some of the time.
Evie's never been very good at following the chain of command, which is probably what got her killed in the first place.
There's just something about Trick. A light beneath the darkness that stays her hand every time she knows she should strike.
Does he feel the same? Or is the Reaper setting her up for a fall? A fall into the dark night from which, this time, there will be no return.

3 novembre
Eden Crowne

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