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The thrilling conclusion to the Tales of Canai trilogy!

War, distrust, and betrayal have left a ravaged Canai. The once peaceful and plentiful land is but a shadow of its former glory. Turmoil bubbles up in the Old Forest as tensions flair between the elves and dwarves. The Holy Order, angered by their loss on the plains outside Alamor, yet emboldened by the political climate of distrust between the southern kingdoms, sets about on a quest to bring more lands under the iron first of Grand Cleric Bartholomew.

Paul and Rolin, troubled by the agressive behavior of the Holy Order, seek to bring together various kingdoms to form a protectorate capable of stopping Bartholomew and his power grab. Both distraught by personal losses, their uneasy partnership begins to fall apart when Paul suspects Rolin of wanting to control all of Canai.

Set on ridding the world of the dangers of Zeltos, Sev finds himself in the heart of the Holy Order lands. Beset by enemies at nearly every turn, he convinces his traveling companions to flee the Fortress of Light without him only to find that he may have sent then directly into the clutches of his enemy.

Wanting to do right by her people, recently crowned Queen Janessa seeks to expand her kingdom. Her efforts to secure an alliance with fellow Wizard, Kadegar, are shot to pieces when he expressed his distrust of her due to her consorting with dragons. She sets her sights on the Isle of Magic and later the Valorian Isles in hopes of uniting the island nations  in a powerful kingdom of the seas.

SF et fantasy
4 novembre
Cody J. Sherer

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