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Fall of the Dawn, book one of the Old Dawn New Dusk series, sets the stage for future events that will take place across the thirteen countries that make up the Primerian continent and encompass the world.

Many lower houses of the Ancient Families, fight for power. The Collective is forced to find a solution. Going against Tirdaoi law, the solution is to mix abilities and add a new seat by combining the four Ancient Houses into one. When Aurella's older brother is killed by a fated arrow, Aurella is forced to unite with Julian to bring about a son from the Feeler and Mindtalker families to unite with a daughter of the Seer and Mover union.

Lorwic's borders are under constant threat of attack by Lorhaven lords and Maneland raiders. Unsure of how to lead without the council Gabriel had as a child emperor, he continues to seek their advice. Gabriel must find a way to keep his people safe, while also securing his twin son's futures from his second wife's ambitions to disinherit them. 

            Olslain is in a state of peace and prosperity. Certain his mother will choose his sister as her heir, Henry believes the journey he is sent on across Primeria is to help him in the role of Grand Advisor. Queen Katerine believes that a war is coming. A war the world has yet to see. A war, men are not equipped to win. With a journey cut short, a foreign bride, and an unexpected declaration by Katerine, Henry's life swirls into uncertainty.

SF et fantasy
12 juin
Infinite Reverie Inc.