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Two great generals clash in a battle that will change the fate of a continent.

Only one will survive the encounter.

Years of fighting the Empire have left King Lennart drained and weary. Despite his victories, Teodora remains, her dark magic leaving her stronger than ever, even as it drives her deeper into madness. Now his family is in danger, and Lennart will put everything he's fought for at risk to save them.

From all corners of the continent, the players gather for the battle that may well end the war …

Elektra plays the dutiful daughter even as she's horrified by her mother's transformation. But when her plans go awry, she is forced into an unthinkable alliance.

Braeden has had enough of fighting, but fate has other plans for him, forcing him to orchestrate a risky betrayal that could change the course of the war.

Reeling from her latest defeat, Gwynneth struggles to find purpose while the tide of war sweeps her relentlessly in its path. 

Princess Maryna endures endless dangers as she fights to take her place as ruler of Terragand. Shared hardship has drawn Anton close to her, even though they both realize they can never act on their feelings.

Desperate to return to Terragand and the war, Trystan faces unforeseen dangers in a strange land. Will his ambition exact the ultimate price?

The stakes rise and culminate in a vast battle with a faith-shattering outcome in Book Five of the Desolate Empire Series.

SF et fantasy
8 mai
Lujin Press

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