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Still unable to explain her powers, the line between “The Flying Girl” and Katie continues to blur. After a stranger emerges with a mysterious proposition, she’ll ignore the warnings of those closest to her and follow the promise for answers. Far from everything she knows, Katie will have to fight her fears face-to-face to overcome a new foe. After months of rehab, Reagan is now another step closer to getting her dreams back on track. But time may not have healed all her wounds as a revelation triggers the traumatic memories of her recent past. Desperate to put it all behind her, Reagan seeks help from a dangerous source and soon finds herself spiraling toward a place that even “The Flying Girl” can’t save her from. With all of Meridian focused on “The Flying Girl”, Detective Wreings seems to be the only one who hasn’t moved on from the events of last November. While working to shed light on the lingering shadows, the detective is called upon to investigate a prisoner transport gone wrong. This time the stakes are higher as the victims are the MPD’s own. As the hunt is put off-balance, Wreings must fight to keep the emotions surrounding him controlled before others close to him fall into the killer’s crosshairs. Meanwhile, Denard Kline is back in Meridian. But, as always there is still work to be done. To cut-off the final loose ends, Kline must put his public persona in jeopardy and risk exposing himself to the suspicions of the persistent detective. With his condition worsening, he must figure out how to harness the power of “The Flying Girl” to finally win in his drawn-out game against death

Policier et suspense
19 janvier
Lennox McCaskill

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