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Alexis Monroe’s crossroads stood before her in the form of a substantial metal gate topped with the words Blue Lake Lodge. Alexis and her sister Jordan’s small unique family unit discover their mysterious heritages, and they all are forever changed.
The Monroes are immersed into the world of Otherkind and Werekind who walk among humans but live separated behind walled compounds and gated communities or in remote locales. Some Others are able to shift across dimensions beyond the Veil negating solid human boundaries stays, while Weres are comfortable shifting into one or more animal forms.
The Monroe sisters recognized they were different early on but some things are better left unsaid for the appearance of human normal. Normal is safe.
Alexis is attacked, and her life is saved by a moral killer. Enter the Blue Lake Lodge Werekind Wolves, who support and help the Monroe family. A coalition is formed between old shape-shifter adversaries of Werekind Coyotes, Werekind Wolves, Werekind Great Cats, and new Dragon Blood Kin friends to confront the Consortium and others who wish the Monroes harm.
Paralleling the Monroes’ dilemma, the White River Werekind Coyotes led by Owen Miller are fighting increased rogue attacks. The turmoil is the product of the Consortium formed by the rogue Seth Lewis.
In all that happens, Messengers and their allies have a part to play. Messengers, a branch of Dragon Blood Kin, on the surface carry messages between groups and individuals. But in the shadows, one particular Messenger weaves his own mysteries and intrigues.
Messenger Connell has wrongs to right from his past, and he is the Monroes’ greatest guardian for good reason.
Fallen Mysteries is a 106,000 word contemporary fantasy with a large cast of characters and potential for multiple sequels.

SF et fantasy
1 juillet
S. R. Bernard