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The land of Tuwa knew centuries of peace and prosperity under the influence of the immortal race of the Elves from the Black Forest. King Ciel, the Elven King, was the primary reason for the collaborative atmosphere amongst the free people of the middle part of Tuwa. The years of tranquility is ended when politics plague the enlightened Elves while other sinister forces plot their rise to power. Freedom is no longer possible while evil spreads throughout the land. The goblins, orcs, rock trolls, and other vicious creatures of Tuwa combine their considerable forces to redress the wrongs against their races from centuries past. They are led by a powerful Guardian who will use all her powers to further her designs with the assistance of these amply motivated races.

Kana’s plans begin to unfold as battles rage and war threatens all the free peoples of Tuwa. The Dwarves find themselves surrounded by mortal enemies with no way to receive help outside their mountain kingdoms. The fallen Guardian’s minions grow in numbers and prepare to unleash their wrath on everyone in their path. Revenge as their motivation they move to put down the free peoples of Tuwa before they can mount a significant defense against their hordes. Even the enlightened Elves are not immune from falling prey to greed for their own form of revenge. Driven by the need for dominance, the High Elves ally themselves with those they once fought against. This addition to Kana’s forces shifts the balance of power in their favor as war threatens all.

Meanwhile, the Guardians work feverishly to thwart Kana’s evil designs and are aided by Kishi and the Elves in the fight for freedom. Noble creatures join the good forces of Tuwa in their defense against those who would destroy and enslave them all. The bloody battle for Nairi reaches its apex while other areas brace for war to come to their lands. Other ancient councils reform to strengthen the resistance and to gather further allies in the cause. Both sides prepare for the inevitable conflict while fear grips the hearts of those who just want to live free. The calm before the storm is nearing its end as peace and prosperity cease to exist as conflict erupts. On the brink of oblivion, a mystical source of power is uncovered which appears to hold the key to victory. The question is who the beneficiary will be and what exactly does it do.

SF et fantasy
14 décembre
Steven R. Burke