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Heather Davis had done enough moping. If Will could not appreciate her, well, she'd damn well find someone who would. She pretended it was not automatic that her mind turned to The Vigilantes and one of the Mercer brothers who owned the place. All tarted up and ready to be appreciated, even if it was just one night, Heather stepped into The Vigilantes and the arms of the wrong brother...


I mean, I was not an ogre. A bit far away from that. I knew I got curves all in the right place. There were way too many men and their groping hands helpless in my arms for me to have doubts.

And I looked good, I turned out all right in photos and all that. When I made an effort, I turned heads on the streets.

But well, when we were talking leagues... I didn't think I was in Logan's at all. Guys in my league were cute, good looking... Laughter and affection were words that came to mind. Words that came to mind when you thought of Logan were worlds apart.

Breathless. Dark, fast and hard.

Jace was watching me and I blushed when he raised an eyebrow. Please, please don't tell me he could read what I was just thinking, Lord.

"And I suppose you're in my league?"

The minute it came out, I wanted to cut my tongue. Why brought Jace into this?

Jace watched me for a while longer, his eyes much too blue in the darkness of the place. I wanted to look away but it felt like I was conceding defeat somehow.

"No, Heather. You're out of my league." And then he smiled, slow and lazy. "But I'd make an exception."

What was left of my drink ended up in his face in a flash.

"Ah, well." He blinked, still moving casually, pulling out a bunch of napkin from under the bar and wiped his face.

"How dare you—" I began, shaking with anger.

The breath was knocked out of me when he suddenly moved, reaching across the bar and pulled me to him.

The taste of his lips was a shock, warm and demanding. His fingers dug into the back of my head, my waist pressed hard to the edge of the counter while moist tongue slid inside my mouth.

Low whistles came from different corners of the room and I started, trying to pull away.

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2 juillet
Dark December LCC

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