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The city of Fallhollow has survived for longer than anyone can recall. Through numerous wars, the city has stood; a beacon of light in a barren land.
Trae Thyne is responsible for all of it. He is the Kings Commander; leader of the Ivrichor army and he is being forced to consider a peace treaty with their Canidae neighbours. He wanted nothing to do with those dogs but the Falconry invasion is threatening the walls of Fallhollow and the citizens inside. He'll have to do something if he wants to stop the Falcons from killing his people. The last thing he needs is to get involved with a female. Especially the Taymullah of the Princess. But something draws him to her; something calling out to the animal inside him. Will she shatter his usual cold exterior?

All Cristen Chambers ever wanted was to serve the Princess. Putting herself through school, she worked her way to the top to be chosen to serve in the royal palace. When the Princess took a liking to her she thought she could finally put her past behind her and bury her family secret. But she didn't expect the King's Commander to also take an interest in her. Will he uncover her deepest secrets?

Together and with help from others, they will have to put their differences aside to stop the Falconry invasion and save their city.

SF et fantasy
4 février
Megan J. Hill

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