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Jena had been afraid for over twenty years, afraid of taking chances in life, afraid of believing in herself, afraid of just living comfortable with her own sense of direction. Jena remembered growing up feeling confused about who she was. She grew up in an environment where she was not allowed to ask questions about anything. It had become a regular routine of seeking advice from her mother who lived in an abusive relationship one after another.

When Jena was a teenager, she had doubts of being confident in her own person, and when she became involved in a nightmare of a relationship, it was only a matter of time before it would permanently form her life into paralyzing anguish. Jena had found someone who took her on an endless journey of emptiness and physical agony.

Why did Jena go from an abusive childhood, to marrying an abusive man who was just as controlling as her mother? Why did she stay involved in an abusive relationship when she lived it the majority of her childhood? Fear had surrounded Jena most of her life… this had been her way of thinking and living. It became a question if she could escape the dysfunctional family cycle of abuse and maintain her sanity?

There comes a point in life when you get tired of the turmoil… tired of feeling paralyzed… tired of the depression but longing for serenity… tired of being controlled... but seeking freedom… tired of feeling worthless… but desiring fulfillment… Fear makes you feel like you don’t exist. Fear steals your dreams, your voice, your purpose, and then your identity. Get free from the bondage of fear & get a hold of – Hope!

Essais et sciences humaines
26 septembre