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Discover the best Davy Artero's short stories !

Welcome to Davy Artero's terrifying world. His short stories cannot leave you indifferent. If unfortunately, you have nightmares after having read them, do not worry, it is quite normal...
These four short stories are taken from Sombres Nouvelles (9782372240987) ; Davy would like to thank his friends who have translated his dark stories...!
- Pure Ones and A Winter Evening, translated by Dexter Peters: Trinidadian (Purs and Un soir d'hiver)
- Not Cool, translated by Luc B. (Pas gentil)
- Last Waltz, translated by Jean-Christophe Malevil (La dernière valse)

Nothing scares you? Really ? Maybe you'll change your mind after reading these four horrifying and successful short stories, finally translated !


Steve turned pale on seeing the tip of the ice pick get bigger in front of his eye. He would like to scream but he was stricken with fear.
Hector knows what he’s got to do. Put the end piece between the eyelid and the eye, place the pick diagonally then hit it sharply so that the rod thrusts in about 7cm before making him run in semi-circles, a matter of thinning out the frontal lobe, which is the cause for his son’s cowardly behaviour.
A huge inspiration. A lot of groaning. Then, suddenly, an ear-piercing shout of pain. Blood was flowing from his eye and was running down the metallic rod.
'It’s almost over. I only have to…'
Hector cannot finish the long speech which was supposed to reassure his son. He feels a violent impact on the top of his skull and his sight instantly faded away. He is brutally thrown on his side and finds himself stretched out on the tiles.
The blows kept coming in. He doesn’t hear them and doesn’t feel any pain. An opaque veil makes its way in the nothingness, then he started to see again. He slowly lifts up his head and frightfully notices that it wasn’t he who was receiving the blows, but his son.
Fabienne is there, smiling and standing next to the chair. She hits Steve’s head with the pot, again and again.
'Darling, stop!'
Fabienne didn’t stop. It even seemed to Hector that her smile grew larger.
Hector painfully gets up and makes his way towards his wife. She must immediately stop that. It’s not her fault. She didn’t have any bad intentions. Perhaps, she thought that hector needed help. She must stop hitting her only child. He alone can lift their image, to finally become someone respectable and respected in the family.
'Stop !' Hector orders Fabienne grabbing her hands before she brings it down again on their son.

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14 août
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