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Feronia’s story sings to the heart of so many children who are subjected to an environment of negativity and pain, or live in the shadow of neglect, trauma or abandonment. Based on the author’s own experiences, this story is designed to appeal to, inspire, and support the healing and empowerment of traumatized children aged seven and over. It is hoped that children who are currently being subjected to inhumanities or experiencing the after-effects and side-effects of trauma, will be enlightened and empowered to seek help, support or guidance from trusted people and to believe in their innate ability to heal.

When viewed through the eyes of a child, adults must understand that trauma can and usually will impact every aspect of a child’s life going forward. A traumatic event’s impact on a child is as unique as that child is unique in the world. No two children will respond, heal, adapt and grow in the exact same way after experiencing trauma, especially multiple traumas.

Therefore, each message in this book is written in such a way as to help children to add to their repertoire of coping skills and, hopefully, provide a light where currently all they may see is darkness. When a traumatized child is supported in a positive journey to healing, and empowerment to take control of their own life outcomes, this will help to solidify their resilience in the face of adversity and provide them with solid foundational strength for their life going forward.

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