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In plain and playful language, author Violet Blue shows readers how to enjoy sexual fetishes as a healthy sex toy just like any other, no matter how ordinary or unusual. This completely revised, updated and expanded second edition makes Fetish Sex the most complete book on sexual fetishes available.

Do you wonder if you have a fetish? This guide tells you if you do, or not. And if you do, this is where to learn how to make the most of it in safety, pleasure and answers questions about sharing fetishes. The truth is, "normal" sex is exactly the kind of sex you enjoy.

Sexy, current, informative and practical -- bestselling classic Fetish Sex is packed with information and guidance for individuals of all genders and sexual orientations, for singles and solos, for couples, and for sex educators everywhere. Fetishes are clearly defined; rubber, medical, age-play, human animals, panties, corsets, shoes, body parts, Japanese curiosities, human dolls, cross-dressing, sissies, strange or shocking, extreme and impossible fetishes, and much more are included in detail.

Fetish Sex also features several erotic short stories by novelist Thomas Roche illustrating scenarios with different fetishes. Resources include websites, fetish entertainment, etiquette, safety, books, communities, and information on finding fetish-aware therapists.

If the internet's Rule #34 had a manual, this would be it. This guide is for understanding, controlling and making the most of your -- or your lover's -- fetish.

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5 avril
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