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Innovating is the survival way that most firms around the planet adopt. Because they intend to be competitive today and continue to strive tomorrow.

But to really lead by innovating, and be sustainable requires better skills than just “doing an innovation”. You’ve got to:

Ideate things that probably did not exist before.
And design them in a way that makes a true difference on markets. 

The key question is how do you do that?

“How to create breakthrough innovations that rock the world you compete in” is the purpose of this app.

Thanks to C-K Theory, designing breakthrough innovations has never been so easy. C-K Theory helps you find original solutions where things looked pretty unfeasible. You’ll understand why and how new products can be successful. You’ll benefit from exploring the whole conceptual potential of an initial concept.

See how to plot radically new concepts from apparently nowhere in your worst dreams.
Learn how to forge actionable concepts, which can interplay with available knowledge.
Make this concepts-knowledge dance fly into the real world by forcing plausible briefs that can be later developed and tested against reality.

This app is intended for innovation projects managers and innovation teams within large companies, their teams and all related executives. As well as SMEs CEOs and responsible, incubators and public agencies in charge of promoting innovation cultures, like SMEs clusters - Incubation centers, and public agencies in charge of enabling a strong innovation culture.

You will be guided through simple yet astounding cases that no other method could have created… from apparently scratch.

With this first exposure, apply same processes to your own cases. 

And learn how to fly amidst competition, against external odds, and shield from constraining trends. So, open up disruptive options for your organization and win markets sustainably.

All this is comes to you by the very power of the C-K Theory backing the method. By separating out two key spaces – Concepts and Knowledge – and cross-operating them, 

C-K Theory was conceived by Ecole des mines de Paris.

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Bonne idée que cet e-book pour expliquer la théorie CK... Je vais l'utiliser pour la diffuser
On retrouve les exemples habituels qui ont principalement une vertu pédagogique, je rêve d'autres exemples d'innovations réellement générées suivant les principes de la théorie.

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