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Could you forgive someone for killing your child--even if it was an accident?

Two years ago, Freya Wilson accidentally hit an Amish man with her car, killing him instantly. She left him and drove away, terrified her violent ex would locate her using his police connections if she turned herself in.

Adam Lapp, the victim's brother, left the Amish after his brother Robert's death to become a police officer at Covert Police Detectives Unit and seek justice for his brother's death. After getting some information from a witness, he makes it his personal mission to track down the mysterious woman in the silver car who killed Robert and left him dead in the street.

He wants to make her pay.

When Freya tells him the truth, he doesn't arrest her as planned. He expected the woman who killed his brother to be heartless and cruel. He never expected her to a timid, kind, and beautiful woman who is running for her life from a controlling ex who wants her dead.

He didn't expect his heart to want to forgive her and get to know her more.

When Freya asks him to take her to his family so she can also tell them what happened, he agrees.

But when Freya meets Robert's parents Hannah and Aaron Lapp, along with his widow Maria, will she have the courage to say what she came there to say, or will she crumble?

Will she find hope in the ashes, or just more darkness and sorrow?

Bonus: Includes an excerpt from Ashley's upcoming novel Amish Under Fire, the sequel to Undercover Amish!

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"Freya is a heartwarming story, set against the backdrop of the clash of values between the worlds of the Amish and the 'English'. Written with sensitivity, as well as the tension that keeps the plot moving, you get to understand the feelings, motivations of the characters, as well as the transformative power of confession and forgiveness. Big themes, skilfully set out in a short story - that takes talent!"
-Susan Jagannath, bestselling author of The Camino Ingles

"As a short story, it was wonderful to see that there are still people in the world who can forgive even the worst things in life. Made me think more about what’s going on in the world today. It packed more meaning than in a novel."
-Amazon Customer

“I LOVE these Amish books by Ashley Emma. They not only grab your interest and keep you reading, they give you a feel like you know a few Amish people and care about them. This is the most powerful step to understanding a culture different from your own. Thanks, Ashley, you have broadened my horizons and you made it fun on the way! There is also a homespun gentleness and honesty about the spiritual side of these differences. If everyone acted like this, Christianity would have a better world view and there would be less hatred in the world. There is nothing more we could ask for from a few books!”
--Chris McKay Pierce, author of Customer Service can be Murder

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6 mai
Ashley Emma

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